Go Ahead, Submerge Them


How many pairs of earbuds do you go through in a year? If you are like me they get beat up, sweat on, tugged around.  Poor things. They have to perform though. Life is too short to buy cheap earbuds. Yet I’m hesitant to spend too much, knowing how I abuse them.

The audio gurus at Monster came up with a good solution to serve both needs. iSport Immersion in-ear headphones are built for abuse…and performance. A proprietary waterproof sealed housing protects the buds. How much? You can wash them! Yes, do not fret if your iSport Immersions end up in the laundry. So a little snow or ocean water won’t ruin them. Cult of Mac provided the picture above and review, illustrating just how much water they can handle. Smartly enough there is a right angle jack to fit into any situation. The in-ear design with OmniTip™ swivel nozzle and their patented Sport Clip give a secure yet comfortable fit that won’t fall out as you workout. Performance wise, expect all that Monster products offer including microstrand conductors, gold-plated contacts and isolating eartips. Hands free calling, multiple sizes of eartips and a protective pouch are also included. Sure, you pay a little more for performance – blue set at $79.99, yellow or black at $99.99 on Amazon.com. But if you tally up the amount you spend on earbuds and take into consideration these were made for active people – I think you will justify the price. If you like to stay active but can’t survive without tunes give the Monster iSport Immersion series a go. I doubt you will be let down.

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