High Tech for the Slopes


It seems that data is everywhere these days. We track and monitor things like stocks, work stats, fitness stats, health numbers, car performance. You are in a small group if you only get texts on one device anymore. And with satellite technology we can pinpoint where we are – and how to get places – within a few feet. And with the introduction of the Oakley Airwave™ the use of data now extends to the slopes.

The sunglass and goggle gurus at Oakley think that we should not be limited in where we access data. The Airwave, $599.95 at Oakley.com or Apple stores, incorporates technologies used in smartphones, cars and the like into functional goggles. The device includes a load of sensors for gyroscope and accelerometer plus GPS and Bluetooth. Built into the visor is a finger nail sized display. When you need to access information simply move your eye towards the prisim lense and on the display will be the information you want. Airwave enables you to track jump analytics (height, distance, airtime). Log your elevation, speed and descent through the day too. Also tracked is location information. You can call up a map of the resort to determine your location or destination. And of course you can sync with other Airwave users to track their whereabouts.  A wristband remote control and app (included) for iOS or Android enables you to also see incoming calls and text messages too. Once you get your data fix, take off again enjoy unobstructed vision of the terrain. Of course Airwave comes with Oakley’s Switchlock™ technology, enabling easy swap out of lenses based on conditions. And the goggles are constructed of lightweight but durable O® Matter for optimum comfort and flexibility.

There is no reason not to trust Oakley’s stellar record of performance when it comes to skiing/snowboarding goggles. And with the addition of technology the performance of the goggles – and perhaps you – simply gets better and better.


Thanks: Los Angeles Times

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