Captioning Telephone offers something new for incoming calls


Hmmm, the $99.95 Captioning Telephone is not something that you see everyday, considering how you are now able to “see” the phone calls that you cannot hear. Sporting a large, easy to read display screen, the Captioning Telephone offers free voice-to-caption service, and best of all is, you are not required to own any special equipment to get started in the first place. Senior citizens would definitely find the Captioning Telephone to be a decent addition to their arsenal of gizmos, where it works in a similar way as that of captioned TV. All words spoken by your caller will appear on a screen , scrolling right across so that you can keep up with the conversation in real time.

This allows you to give a correct answer or response as though you were still in the prime of your life. It will require you to have a high speed Internet connection though, as the technology used behind the generation of voice-to-text translation is pretty data intensive. Of course, should you not need the captioning function, just turn it off and the Captioning Telephone will function like any other standard phone. Other features include adjustable volume amplification, the ability to save captions for future review, and answering machine functionality.

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