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Think back to childhood birthday parties. Was there no larger injustice than getting a smaller piece of cake than your sibling? Seriously, raise your hand if you did not ever throw a tantrum over getting the short end of the cake slice stick – so to speak. Old school cake slicers fit over the cake and smashed the entire thing. Not real classy.

Let the ingeniously named Cake Divider at Animi Causa eliminate this childhood trauma. Dial in the number of slices you want – either 6, 8 or 10. Then poke the sub 2 inch gadget into the middle of the cake (or pie). Insert your knife into the slot and slice. Then click the divider to the next slicing spot. For $13.99, cake slicing can’t get any easier or more even.

So end the childhood suffering based around uneven cake slices! Get a Cake Divider today.


Thanks: FastCo.Design

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James Says: October 25, 2012 at 2:34 pm

I must admit this is a pretty nifty idea, the amount of agruments i’ve had over cake in my time!

Be great if you can also think of something that stops the cake crumbling right at the end, i hate being left scooping up the last remains of my slice at the end 🙁

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