tabeo tablet is now official at Toys “R” Us stores


It was not too long ago (a month thereabouts, in fact) when Toys “R” Us announced their very first ever consumer electronics device that was specially developed and designed by the company, tabeo, resulting in a tabeo tablet for kids. Hey, you know the saying – monkey see, monkey do, and kids these days look up to parents (and it has always been that way for generations) as their idol and inspiration. So dad and mom both own a tablet of their own, why not them? The thing is, a kid is not really able to appreciate all the fine lines of the iPad, not to mention its fragility in the hands of a boisterous toddler, so this is the basis for a birth of a tablet known as tabeo.

tabeo is a spanking new 7-inch, multi-touch tablet that will arrive with 50 free, pre-installed apps, ensuring that these apps are able to engage and entertain kids right out of the box. Of course, knowing the kind of dangers that accompany unsupervised Internet use, the tabeo will come with its fair share of safety features for parents to make full uthat parents are proving to appreciate. The nationwide rollout included the launch ose of, and appreciate along the way.

Just to recap, some of the features include noise-cancelling headphones and colorful earbuds, and there is also a bunch of accessories where Toys R Us intends to make money from, ranging from stylish folio cases to supplementary AC adaptors. All of these can be found over at, which you can call it a one-stop place or the ultimate online hub for consumers who want to know more about tabeo’s features.

Troy Peterson, Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Toys”R”Us, U.S., said, “Consumer demand for tabeo has been very strong since we announced its introduction last month, and we’re proud to roll out this exciting new kid-friendly tablet to consumers nationwide. Eager shoppers and early gift-givers finally have the chance to check this item off their kids’ wish lists, and will be pleased to find that there is an entire ecosystem of accessories, such as earbuds, cases and more that come in fun colors, helping to build on kids’ tabeo experience.”

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