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You know, sometimes working in an office with nothing but row after row of cubicles can get rather stifling. Back in the days where computers were not commonplace, and there was no such thing as a network (Intranet or Internet), sending one message to another person in the quickest way within the same office block would be through the phone’s extension line. The thing is, you will need to actually open your mouth and talk, and sometimes, some facts discussed over might be denied or misunderstood later on – with no black and white backing it up. This is why e-mail has proven to be the more convenient and formal form of communication, where folks are more careful with what they write because there is proof from the horse’s mouth afterwards.

Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, make sure your office does not consist of only working Jacks. Let your hair down sometimes as the department head, and you will see faces brighten up all across the floor. The $12.99 Air Mail Launcher is definitely one way of doing so, as it allows you to literally send your important message flying across the room without having to leave your chair. All you need to do is write a note on a sheet of the mail themed notes, crumple it and place it on the catapult, sending it flying towards the intended target. It will definitely take some practice to send it as close as possible to your target, although do bear in mind that its range is limited to just 15 feet.

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