Smell-o-phone on the Horizon


Smartphones stimulate 3 of the 5 senses. Touch, sight and hearing are all impacted. But what about the other two? Taste – well ok, maybe that won’t ever happen. Who wants to lick their phone? Eeeeewww. But what about smell? We talk about, and some have attempted, the advertisers dream of  ‘smell-o-vision’ TV. And now a Japanese company will soon reportedly launch an iPhone gadget to stimulate your snout.

As reported by CNET, Chaku Perfume developed Chat Perf, an iPhone app and attachable accessory to convey smells. An atomizer and smell tank come in the device which attaches to the phone’s dock. Someone on the other end of the phone could then deliver a smell through your phone which is translated through the app. The attachment then releases the smell. The possibilities, particularly for advertisers, are limitless. Imagine your favorite restaurant sending the waft of a seasoned steak. Or maybe a laundromat infusing their coupons with the scent of freshly washed laundry. As CNET points out, Samsung already filed for a patent on a phone with smell producing device potentially delaying Chat Perf’s entry into the US. If that does not delay them the anticipated price over $60 may be somewhat prohibitive. But who knows. Maybe smell-o-smartphones are the wave of the future and our nose will get as bombarded as our eyes and ears.


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