Powered Pumice Stone – Not Your Mama’s Foot File


Our hands and feet give us away. Do we care for ourselves, are we older than we say? Have we worked hard all our lives, or been pampered? I guess because it’s a habit of mine to check peoples grooming, I tend to be a frequent mani-pedi person, and frankly that gets expensive, but if I want baby soft heels, to the salon I go.

Well our friends over at Hammacher Schlemmer may have an at home heel buffing option that might actually be worth the bucks. The Powered Pumice Stone, designed to remove the most hardcore dry skin and calluses from your otherwise pretty paws, the Powered Pumice Stone is actually a micro-mineral roller that spins at about 1800 RPM’s grinding down whatever thickened heel skin you have allowed your body to build up. Ew.

It looks a bit like an electric razor and comes with 2 different pumice rollers, a coarse one and one that’s extra coarse, yeah… you already know if you need that one. I look at it this way, no matter how bad you’re looking under those socks, you can get your feet ship shape by springtime. The Pumice Stone is powered by 2 AA batteries and only weighs around 6 ounces. So be good to your feet and get yours at Hammacher.com for only around 50 bucks, additional rollers are extra.

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