Introducing Xbox Music – Another Reason to Love your Xbox


We certainly have a connection to the Xbox, we quickly succumbed to the pressure of a nine year old to get the 360 with the Kinect, so now the old Xbox is in the den, along with several hundred dollars worth of games, and so begins the brand new game collection. Now, I hear the new Xbox 720 is on the horizon, but that kid’s, is tomorrow’s story.

Today, the story is about the brand new Xbox Music service, the first all-in-one music option that gives you the ability to stream all kinds of custom playlists for free,  you can also subscribe to all the music you want, or you can actually download all your favorite songs. Designed to compete with iTunes (and everyone else for that matter) and through the power of the cloud, you can be grooving to the music across all your listening options, including tablets, PC’s and TV’s.

Offering free streaming, and an Xbox Music Pass option that allows you ad-free, unlimited playback of any track in their subscription catalog across your tablets, PCs, phones or Xbox 360 for under 10 bucks per month and other options that unlock unlimited access to tens of thousands of music videos on your Xbox 360, and if you’re wondering, an option that can add almost any content your already own (from wherever you own it) to your personal collection, even if  Xbox Music doesn’t have it.

 With more than 30 million songs in the global catalog, you can personalize your collection and create awesome playlists and then you can store it all in the cloud. Xbox Music begins rolling out around the world tomorrow on Xbox 360, and later this month on smartphones and tablets running Windows 8, of course they will be adding many additional platforms later, just stay tuned to to keep updated.

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