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Cooking rocks. But I sure can’t just do it via one of those mysterious 6th senses. So yep, I need recipes and guidance. Whether a specific recipe app for all the instructions or a conversion app to go from cups to grams or even a cooking show, I can’t cook without them. And though technology certainly helps my cooking – never should the two collide. The last thing a person wants to do is muck up their tablet screen or case with morsels from your concoction. Belkin put their expertise to work and created a solution that fits the technology aided cook.

For just $29.99 on Amazon.com the Belkin Kitchen Stand leaves your tablet where you need it as you chef. It has a rubberized, fairly compact base to live anywhere on the counter or table without easily sliding around. The Kitchen Stand can hold a variety of tablet sizes too – some even with their case. View in one of two ways to meet your need: stand your pad upright for longer range viewing or at a lower angle for reading up close. The unit comes with a magnetic tipped stylus and stand too. Yes, that means no more greasy fingers on your screen to find what you need. So whether you are the cook or you have one in your life, save them and their tablet and get it set-up right in the kitchen.

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David Says: October 15, 2012 at 1:31 pm

that’s not bad, takes up counter space though, which can be bad. I came up with my own solution, using velcro, i stickied 2 pieces to my tablet (the soft side) and the other halves too a kitchen cabinet at eye level. It is right above my prep area, right next to the stove, it’s super convenient. And I don’t even notice the velcro when i’m using it other places in the house.

Richa Shrivastava Says: October 17, 2012 at 1:33 am

Cooking with gadgets, nice idea. i have tried it with laptop, but not with smart phone or tablet. Would surely make a try.

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