Micro Drone is a super agile quadrocopter


We have seen remote controlled flying toys in the past, but just what does the £69.99 Micro Drone bring to the table that other flying toys do not? You can say that the Micro Drone is far more stable compared to your average toy helicopter, especially when you take into consideration that it comes with a quartet of rotors as well as automatic gyro control. Just what does all of that translate to the end user and parents who want to purchase a safe Christmas gift for their kids this holiday season? Well, we are looking at an increased level of safety for cats, that fine bone china collection of yours, and even unsuspecting family members. Not only that, you need not be super loaded to own one of these puppies.

The Micro Drone is one agile quadrocopter, where it is more than capable of performing its fair share of outrageous aerial acrobatics, ranging from sharp turns to 360° flips in mid-air. If you have a camcorder to go along with your Micro Drone performance, then it would truly be something to impress the kid down the road with, especially when he has been boasting about his remote controlled toy car all summer long. The battery of the Micro Drone can be juiced up via USB, and the remote control itself is something from the 22nd century with a digital display.

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Vahid Says: April 19, 2013 at 4:37 pm

It is almost impossible to make the microdrone to fly steady. It’s far from the quality that’s shown in the video; the controller is way more difficult to handle than other flying toys. Also, there is no such IR sensors that they mention to prevent the objects. The airscrews become so loose after few flights; I managed to lose one when flying it to distant on the second day. The price is definitely worth to what you are getting. Epic Fail.

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