Brainfreeze lets you throw the coolest parties


Pardon the obvious pun in the title, but when you have an ice bucket that comes in the form of a human skull which has been hollowed out to carry nothing but ice and your favorite bottle of bubbly, you know for sure you are in for a good time the whole night long. Obviously, the poor sod must have had too much cold drinks that night he died, resulting in the inspiration for this £19.99 Brainfreeze.

This is one skeletal serving bowl that is perfect for an ice bucket, or those who want a little bit more variety can always use it as a private punch-bowl. Heck, since we are all in the Halloween mood, why not turn it into a stylish spot where you are able to stash away some sweets? The Brainfreeze Bucket itself is made of thick, crystal-cut glass and has enough capacity to hold around one and a half litres of liquid. Molded handles ensure you can transport this from one place to another without sending it crashing to the floor, while a solid base ensures stability even if you feel that you are all at sea after having a wee bit too much to drink.

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