Teachem’s School of You, Makes You the Principal


There is no denying the power of the Internet age. Anything you might like to learn how to do, good or bad, is at your disposal. Want to learn how to french braid hair? No problem, want to do it while embalming you recently departed cat, again, no problem. The wealth of information online is staggering. Imagine if all that education could be organized in some way…

Teachem has just launched what they are calling, The School of You, allowing anybody to create unlimited classes from YouTube videos. Imagine pulling the best of the best informational clips on a particular topic together from the vast collection available on YouTube, and  putting them in an instructional order, letting your “students” benefit from your personalized selections.

The process is simple, just create and brand your FREE school, say… the School of Sales. Next you create your own classes, drawing from YouTube’s abundant educational videos. Then you can add special interactive layers on top of those videos with nifty flashcards and review questions.

Teachem offers a unique opportunity for organizations, universities, companies, teachers or anyone that has some expertise in anything and wants to share it with the world. “Teachers” can also specify who has access to their “School of You”, you can choose to make it private and by invite only, or your “school” can be public, allowing anyone to enroll. For more information on the free School of You service, please visit Teachem.com.


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