Soggy Cereal No More


Don’t you love the moment when you pour your milk in the cereal and the phone rings? Aack! By the time you stop talking your milk will have taken over and you are left with a soggy pile of mush. There is no worse way to start the day.

Some smart person at Brookstone decided there should be separation of cereal and milk. Welcome to the Obol®, a 2 compartment bowl. A lower reservoir exists for liquid and the dry stuff has its own home on the other side. To mix the two simply scoop some cereal into or through the milk. And cereal isn’t the only good use. Milk and cookies, soup and crackers, chips and salsa, the possibilities go on and on. Obol’s textured bottom and non-slip grip make for easy handling. Kids can hold on and prevent spills! And Obol is made of BPA-free polypropylene so it is safe and easy to wash. Express your personality and pick your color – cranberry, white or green – and Obol is yours for just $19.95. Brookstone is currently offering a special – 2 Obol’s for $30. So pick one up for a friend and let them end the soggy cereal blues.

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