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So your little one also wants to be like daddy and mummy, craving for a tablet of his or her own and throwing a tantrum that would even irritate the ears of Zeus on Mt. Olympus, what do you as a parent do? Do you give in, or do you place your foot down and show your kid just who is boss? Well, for folks who feel that it is time for their kids to have a tablet of their own, here we are with the MEEP! tablet from Oregon Scientific.

The MEEP! tablet will carry with it cutting edge technology, durability, and interactive content, all crammed into a design which was specially formulated just for kids in addition to being accompanied by a full line of action-packed accessories. Sporting a 7-inch display, the MEEP! tablet will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (no idea on whether there will be a Jelly Bean update on the way or not), carrying with it Wi-Fi connectivity while ensuring it remains the most rugged and durable tablet on the market – for kids, at least.

Games, books, videos and apps that are available in the MEEP! store have all been certified to be kid-friendly by Oregon Scientific, where it is either free or can be purchased using MEEP! coins. You can also opt to access Google Play from the Parents Portal to purchase additional content. Other hardware specifications include 4GB of internal storage and a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes, in addition to to an integrated front-facing camera and HDMI connectivity.

Just how much will the MEEP! tablet cost? Well, we do know that it is specially geared for kids who are aged 6 and above, and is currently available at mass market retailers and online stores, retailing for $149.99 a pop. It will not come with its fair share of accessories right out of the box as you will need to fork out money for those. At least it is packed with a charger, a USB cable and a quick start guide to help you use it right there and then without missing a beat.

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Laura Anies Says: October 24, 2012 at 2:30 am

The meep tablet is great for the kids. It is a touch device and they can use it to play games, download apps, and watch movies.

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