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How many of you have a problem remembering your medication? Have you ever failed to take your entire course of antibiotics? Or worse, lied to you doctor and told him that you had? Do you constantly worry that an elderly parent, or a loved one is taking all their medications properly? For me, the answer is guilty on all counts, wouldn’t it be nice if the meds could keep track of themselves?

Well, what if they could just send a message to your doctor’s cell phone? The US Food and Drug Administration has given its approval for edible computers that can be used in numerous medical applications and health monitoring devices, including an ingestible  silicon sensor the size of a grain of sand, that can be embedded in your pills, and after being activated by stomach fluids, transmit information to a companion patch worn on your skin, the patch in return can transmit information on the type of pill and the time of ingestion to your physicians mobile device.

The type of information transmitted isn’t just limited to the pill either, other stats like body temperature, heart rate or activity levels can also be recorded, so gone are the days you can lie to your doctor and tell him about all the exercise you’re getting.

Proteus Digital Health, developers of this marvelous technology have finally received approval for the Ingestion Event Marker but how this novel technology will be used remains to be seen, also remaining to be seen is exactly what price tag digital pills will carry, and whether or not insurance companies will opt to cover them. Digital pills, I can’t help but wonder what’s next.

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Sam Says: October 3, 2012 at 12:51 am

Personal information in wireless format, wait until Google gets their hands on it so that you can receive ads based on your health condition. How convenient 🙂

Also wait until the doctor looses his/ her cell phone and your grandma has to take a new pill 😉

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