Suck that Bug Bite


Bugs suck. They truly know how to ruin a nice evening of sitting outside. The vengeful little buggers seem to always find the party. It is inevitable that someone at your BBQ ends up being dinner for the mosquitoes, ants, bees or worse. The itching that follows is unbearable at points. Heck, we even end up itching in our sleep.  And all the itching simply delays healing. So why go straight to the source of irritation and suck it out?

Let ASPIVENIN® be your friend in the ongoing fight with bugs. ASPIVENIN, $23.95 AUD (about $25 USD) consists of a double chamber pump and 4 attachments for different sized bites. Apply the pump with nozzle to the affected area and pull the plunger out. Then push it down completely and give it 1-3 minutes to fully extract all venom. Once released simply wash the wound with antiseptic. ASPIVENIN takes care of the underlying problem and lets you heal without itching. The unit should be used as soon as possible after a bite, but can be used up to a couple hours later. Most common bites or stings it assists with include mosquitoes, sandflies, spiders, bees, wasps, snakes, jellyfish, nettle. And ASPIVENIN is child friendly – simply use half a pump. The gadget comes in an easy to carry case, so take it camping, hiking or anywhere and fight the bug bites!

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