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City living provides plenty of challenges. Growing plants and flowers poses one of those challenges. Finding adequate sun can be a task and plant food or good soil isn’t the easiest to come by. There is certainly not a hardware store on every street corner. A clever Product Design student, Fanny Nilsson, invented a concept product out of the very dilemma of plant life in city life.

The Re-Feed home composting gadget creates an eco-friendly way to reuse scraps and feed the plants. Drop compostable items into the Re-Feed canister-like device. A battery-powered blade chops them to shreds and then you let it compost. When done add a little water. Nourish your plants via a connected tube which is fed into a compatible pot – straight to the roots.  The liquid contains perfect nutrients to keep plants happy and healthy. And if you tend to forget about the plants, Re-Feed can be programmed to feed them for you. Re-Feed’s casing does contain an odor absorbing compound, but the risk of smell is there. And as mentioned the product is concept now. But in our ever growing “green” world the Re-Feed might just be a good household solution to help cut down on waste.


Thanks: dvice

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