Apple-worthy iPad® Stand


Apple revolutionized the world of PC design. Heck even going back to the SE/30 in the 80s, Apple always took the look of the unit as seriously as the unit itself. And oh boy, has it paid off.

The iPad has become the “can’t live without it” device for many. Some even incorporate them into desk environments as an additional resource while working. On its own it looks just as sexy as any other Apple device. Yet then we buy a docking station to keep it upright while using it at the desk. Boom, just like that the sleek design sort of goes out the window. But why not find a docking station that keeps the slender and lustrous look? Enter the Magnus, from Ten One Design.  Notice the Magnus works without visible supports. No, it is not magic, but rather a strong magnetic link. How strong? So strong that two hands are needed to separate the pad and stand. Being predominantly aluminum, Magnus offers solid construction yet style that fits perfectly in any Mac or design-conscious environment desk. It works with iPad 2 and the new iPad (a.k.a. iPad 3). And for just $49.95 at Ten One Design’s site, it seems like a simple solution for those that prefer clean lines and a real “Apple look” to their environment.

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