A Healing Headset


We like to think that putting on headphones or headsets can do more than just corrupting our eardrums. Sure, listening to tunes or podcasts can relax us – or get us worked up. But what if a headset could really impact health? A Los Angeles-based medical device company is en route to using a sepecial headset as an additional treatment for epilepsy and depressive disorders.

NeuroSigma, Inc. recently received CE certification for its Monarch™ system, an external Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (eTNS™) system. Ok, so they are not standard headsets. These hold electronic patches in place on the forehead – typically at nighttime. An attached generator delivers small electrical pulses to stimulate the Trigemenial nerve in the brain, the largest cranial nerve. Stimulation of the nerve has been directly linked to reducing the severity of epileptic problems and even reduction in depression. And stimulation via the Monarch did just that. Clinical testing of the Monarch by UCLA and USC showed significant reduction in epileptic seizures and with depression.

Production of the Monarch will begin soon for the European market and will only be sold via doctor’s prescription for those 9 years and older. But with years of successful data under their belts and an eager Europe market NeuroSigma may be on their way to a massive new therapy for troubling conditions.

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