Tagg Pet Tracker ensures you know just how much activity your pet has been getting


I am a firm believer in Cesar Millan’s methods when interacting with dogs – you basically got to establish yourself as the alpha dog in the home, while the rest of your family members follow the pecking order with Fido (even though he might be one mean looking brute) right down there at the bottom. Right under the resident tortoise, even. Another thing is to make sure that your precious furkid gets an adequate amount of exercise each day, and how do you do that? Obviously bringing Fido out for walks in the mornings as well as evenings would be part of the routine, and you can also get some exercise along the way as well. Some breeds do require more exercise than others, and if you want everything to boil down to exact figures, then you might be interested in the Tagg Pet Tracker that will let you, the pet’s owner, know just where your pet is, as well as receiving a notification just in case it gets lost.

Not only that, it will be able to offer a new activity tracking feature that lets you have a greater, detailed breakdown on your furkid’s daily activity. Has it been lounging around at home, or burning enough calories chasing the postman? This new functionality will be available when October rolls around, where current Tagg users are able to take advantage of it without having to fork out a single cent, ensuring that the device will be enhanced with existing location tracking capabilities.

In addition, the new activity tracking feature will allow pet parents to indulge in this thing known as daily Tagg Points, where you can take advantage of at-a-glance snapshots of your pets’ activity in a 24-hour period. All movement will be detected by the Tagg tracker, and points are assigned based on the intensity and duration of the activity, where the scale ranges from resting to highly active.

Tagg Points can be accumulated and charted each day, so that you have conclusive data that would help you make more informed decisions about your pets’ exercise routines. So how about it? Ready to fork out $99.95 for a (theoretically) fitter Fido?

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