Eye Fatigue Preventing Magnifier


Some of us are blessed with perfect vision, and we are able to go through our entire lives without having to worry about washing a pair of glasses, smearing them with greasy fingers after a delightful pizza meal, or having to tussle with the stubborn contact lens on those days when it simply refuses to remain put on your cornea. Well, for those of us who have four eyes instead of two, you might want to rely on a different magnifying tool once in a while when indulging in your daily reading. Enter the $79.95 Eye Fatigue Preventing Magnifier which will function as an illuminated magnifier that emits clarity-enhancing, white illumination so that natural daylight is simulated in an attempt to reduce eye fatigue.

A grand total of five dozen (that would be sixty for the mathematically challenged) LEDs will attempt to simulate the color fidelity of natural sunlight, making sure it illuminates crafts or small print with crisp, focused illumination without any of the eyestrain-inducing glare that often comes across as a by-product of incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Sporting a 3.75” diameter glass lens that delivers 1.75X magnification, you can be sure that you might find yourself reading far more often than ever with this. The LEDs have been specially rated for 30,000 hours, and each purchase will be accompanied by a protective lens cover and a cleaning cloth.

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