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Face it, business or student travel really becomes an art form. Staying organized is key. Road warriors have favorite hotel chains, airlines, car rental agencies. We can travel for 3 days in a bag most consider an overnighter. We essentially take our office on the road with sizeable space for laptop, tablet, phone, chargers, books and paperwork. And traveling with all of that is no small task. You can always tell the road warriors at airport security, they perfectly orchestrate their actions to get through efficiently. And waiting for their flight, they are typically sucked up next to a power plug loading up the laptop before the flight.

In the attempt to fit into the road warrior’s orchestra, Powerbag™ offers their top-of-the-line Business Class Pack. As a former road warrior (up to 40 weeks a year) I can attest to the need for 1) electronic charge, 2) space and 3) functionality while on the road. And the Business Class Pack offers all 3. Included is a 6000mAh Lithium Polymer battery with USB connector, enough to charge an iPhone 4 times. Built-in mini and micro USB connectors and standard Apple connector cover most devices. But an open USB port gives you an option for additional cables. To recharge the pack simply plug the wall adaptor into the water resistant DC port. So regardless of where you are, you can charge up your life. The Business Class Pack also offers a protected tablet-like space in addition to ample storage for files or even clothes. Powerbag also thought about the laptop, with a FlyFlat space for a 15” unit – so it laysflat on the x-ray belt and keeps security hassles to a minimum,

Business Class Pack, $179 at, will cost a bit more, but for the true road warrior the investment pays off quickly with the convenience and practicality to make the trip as smooth as possible.

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