Vinyl Forever rolls back the years


So you’ve got clean, digital music playing on your smartphone as you perform that daily pilgrimage, nay, commute to work. Ever wondered what kind of warmth that vinyl delivers to music? You might want to check out just how your grandparents’ ears experienced the bands and singers of their day with the £19.99 Vinyl Forever. Like they say, it is all about the crackle, and we aren’t talking about cereal here, sonny.

Assuming you can unearth your parents or grandparents’ collection of old LPs around, it would do them justice to wipe the dust off them and introduce them to the 21st century. Basically, the Vinyl Forever is a nifty little gadget which will connect your record player to your computer. Once done, just make sure you follow the easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions, and you’re good to go. Vinyl Forever will convert each track of the LP to an MP3 format, save it to your computer, and you’re done. Heck, there is also a headphone socket for you to listen in as the records play.

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