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If there is one thing about the Boy Scouts that we should follow, it would be their motto of being prepared at all times. Pretty good advice, especially when you consider how you can never quite tell just when something might go wrong along the way. Having said that, here is a tool that you might want to carry around with you wherever you go since you do not know when Murphy might rear his ugly head and strike – and I am referring to the $9.99 Micro Light Smartphone Pack.

The Micro Light Smartphone Pack is a dual wield light that comes complete with a pair of microtools for smartphone users. Each set will also be accompanied by a smartphone stand and cleaner, offering you a flashlight for each hand. After all, you cannot tell just when disaster will strike, but there is one thing you will need to keep in mind – make sure there are spare CR1616 batteries around the home which can be easily accessible as the batteries on this thing might just die out during the most inopportune of moments.

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Sam Says: September 27, 2012 at 3:21 am

$9.99? You can find solar powered 3 LED key chain torch for less than $2 on eBay. They last a good few years and there is no need to be prepared with a CR1616 batteries. You are better prepared with a torch which gives you light always with 0 maintenance. 🙂

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