Barbie Photo Fashion Doll – Because Fashion and Photos Just Go Together


I played with Barbies when I was a kid, I can’t say it was a very lengthy period of my childhood.I guess Barbie just got a little boring after a while, although I owned a newer Barbie-type concept, it was a doll that came with 3 heads, so you could pop on a different one if you desired a different look. Looking back, it was more than a little strange. Looking forward… isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come?

Check out Barbie Fashion Photo Doll, with a camera lens lodged between her shoulder blades, whatever pictures you snap, Barbie can “wear” on her cool graphic tee! You understood it correctly, you can customize Barbie’s t-shirt by taking photos with the embedded digital camera and those pictures then show up on the shirt, as they are, or customized with some included special effects.

Barbie can hold up to 200+ pictures and the camera controls are cleverly incorporated into Barbie’s belt. For more design options, your little techie fashionista can plug the doll into a computer via included USB cable and have access to more backgrounds and graphics. Then, when she’s done, she simply uploads the pics back to the Photo Fashion Doll and her t-shirt “fashion” is complete.

The 11.5 inch Barbie comes complete with an embedded digital camera and LCD screen, a doll stand, a pink USB cord, rechargeable battery, and instructions, all for under 50 bucks at (internet connection required for added editing effects)

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