VIZIO Co-Star: Making your HDTV Fun Again


A while back I finally decided to rid myself of my giant sized console television. It had been with me for more than a decade and it was well past its prime. In its day it was THE television to have, sadly, every time I went to the electronics store and saw the colors on the new TVs it made my giant console look that much more pathetic. I got Sony’s Google TV and I love it! But what of the people who already had a fabulous flat screen. What if they wanted the pleasure of an internet connected TV at a fair price?

Check out the VIZIO Co-Star, taking your mild mannered television to new heights with apps, full screen web browsing, and the ability to access almost never ending supplies of streaming entertainment. This new Vizio Co-Star goes where most set top boxes have not gone before… right between your existing cable or satellite box and your TV via HDMI, so you won’t have to keep switching inputs or changing remotes to be able to use it right alongside your live television.

So if access to thousands of apps, Google Chrome web browsing, web-wide internet entertainment searches, listening to Web Radio or watching Netflix movies while your DVR records a show that you want to watch later (and commercial free)… or being able to surf the net without your hot laptop burning your nether regions, then you might want to invest in this nifty little upgrade for your existing HDTV.

The VIZIO Co-Star comes with an IR blasting universal remote that will surely make you the master of your entertainment domain, all for only 99 bucks at


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