Arcane Arcade Table


So, you have this zany interest in arcades? How about having fun with this rather pricey (but you will not regret it if you are a true blue arcade lover, although the missus might have a thing or two to say about that!) £4,000 Arcane Arcade Table sitting right smack in the middle of your living room? Yes sir, the Arcane Arcade Table is definitely one of the better and more elegant pieces of playable furniture our eyes have ever set on to date. Carrying more than 100 classic arcade games that we have come to know and love over the years, you can indulge in some Bubble Bobble in the mornings, spend your noon siesta time with Legend of Kage, or relax with a bit of Dungeon Crawl right before you call it a night. Not only that, the Arcane Arcade Table will be MAME compatible, meaning you can include a theoretically infinite amount of emulators to enjoy your favorite consoles and arcades.

The integrated dual-core processor inside is accompanied by a 500GB hard drive, relevant Ethernet ports, and a built-in LCD display, and it will surf the Internet just fine by itself, thank you very much. The included fold-out control station will boast of authentic joysticks, spinner, trackball and a brace of buttons that allows up to two players to play, so it evokes the good old arcade feeling in the comfort of your home, minus the dark and smoky environment. Each table will also boast a pair of 30 watt speakers built-in to each end of the table to make the whole arcade experience more real.

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