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Active bodies are constantly on the move. And music is certainly a motivator. Running, walking, hiking, biking – they all improve with the right tunes (or podcasts). Most of us have gotten into the earbud or headphone mode. And they are fine, to some extent. But I think any earbud wearer has been in one of these situations: 1) You are in a zone, listening to your music and step or ride out into traffic only to have a near miss with a car, 2) Walking across campus and someone – unbeknownst to you – is running after you shouting your name in an attempt to get your attention, 3) Walking with a friend, who doesn’t have tunes, and you want to share yours.

So what is a good solution? Try the Sonic Walk from XSories. This $99.99 strapped contraption contains two 1.5W speakers, an input and a storage space for your player or smartphone. So rather than depending on your earbuds or headphones simply plug in, store your player and hear and share your tunes. The neoprene and spandex straps create a comfortable fit that won’t weigh you down. Recharge the unit after running it down and you are back in business.

Rather than risking your life with your ears plugged by buds or in order to share the tunes with those hiking, biking, running or just walking with you check out the Sonic Walk.

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