World’s Largest Toe Tap Piano


I just love the way that Hammacher tends to use superlative words in describing their goods, and this time around, we have what they deem to be the $79.95 World’s Largest Toe Tap Piano. Of course, I do not doubt them after seeing the size of that thing, which measures a whopping 10-feet in length, making it indisputably the largest dance-on piano around the globe. Boasting a 35’ square space, this piano mat allows your merry home of budding virtuosos to compose their own music as they dance, jump, and basically romp on the keys, using their ever increasing body weight to their advantage.

The thing is, chances are they will not be composing the next big tune, but rather, make a large, random din around the home. You ought to be best prepared if you intend to work at home while your kids are having the time of their lives with the World’s Largest Toe Tap Piano, where a pair of ear plugs would come highly recommended. After all, screaming kids are already something that takes getting used to, but with the accompaniment of music – random one at that? Its insane, but worth every penny you pay for. Replicating sound from eight different instruments (piano, saxophone, violin, organ, trumpet, harp, vibraphone, guitar), it can also hook up to an iPod or another MP3 player, letting budding musicians play along to their favorite songs if they want to.

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CarpePM Says: September 6, 2012 at 7:00 am

I’m fairly certain the “toe-tap” piano from FAO Schwarz featured in the movie “Big” was larger than this one.

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