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Inevitably printing must happen. Though we certainly print less than we have in the past, need still exists for directions, news, shopping lists and the like. But in this fast moving age of mobile technology it becomes harder and harder to understand where things like printers fit in. How do we maintain our mobility while still using a printer?

BERG Cloud has devised a method to enable printing specifically from mobile devices. More importantly it prints TO a mobile/portable device. Little Printers, revealed in late 2011, is now available to pre-order at just $259. This friendly gadget connects wirelessly to your home network. It is an inkless printer, using thermal printing. So yes, replacement paper is as simple (read: inexpensive) as cash register paper! Little Printers lives up to its name measuring just 3.3” x 5.07”, easy to place anywhere or take with you.

But Little Printer is much more than just your average printer. Rather than printing content that the web says we need to print – like advertisements or menu bars – BERG Cloud formats your content for Little Printers’ specs.  Once you download the app for your smartphone (iPhone, Android or Windows), select the content you wish to print. Berg Cloud configures your items, a.k.a. “subscriptions”. You can then schedule subscriptions to print at a specific time or print on demand. BERG Cloud will fetch the information and have it printed and waiting for you on your schedule. And Little Printers smiling face even changes when new data arrives. So have your daily crossword puzzles waiting for you. Take the news synopsis wherever you go. Or print a list of Facebook posts. Your choice, BERG Cloud handles it.

Hop on to to get in on the latest innovation in not just printing, but customized content printing.

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