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Having a movie that looks really great in Full HD resolution is nice, but when you cannot couple that with decent audio, then it is somewhat a crippled movie watching experience. I guess you can say that this would be somewhat akin to playing video games without the sound, or having french fries while holding the salt, or how about a chocolate cake without the icing? You get the picture, and to make sure that one is full well able to appreciate just what great sounding audio is like, one will need to wear a pair of decent headphones to boot.

Sol Republic steps up to the plate to meet this particular task head on, by announcing their deadmau5 collaboration Tracks HD headphones, which was specially developed and produced in close cooperation with the multiple award-winning electronic music artist Joel Zimmerman, who would be better known as deadmau5, in addition to digital artist Joshua Davis. More on the Sol Republic deadmau5 headphones in the extended post.

According to Kevin Lee, SOL REPUBLIC CEO, “We didn’t want to make yet another artist headphone for namesake. However, some music artists are truly creative beyond music and have an interesting artistic view. Joel Zimmerman is one of them. What he created in the end with Joshua Davis is very cool interpretation of the world of deadmau5, part controlled part not, which in itself says something. We’re excited that Joel liked our Tracks headphone, the sound of it, look of it, and wanted to use it as a creative canvas. Like most art, it wasn’t designed for everyone. But for the deadmau5 fan and certainly for Joel Zimmerman, it’s a strong expression of sound and personal style, which is why we love it.”

This particular pair of headphones is said to be part illustration, part computer “controlled randomization” thanks to Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 as well as renowned digital artist Joshua Davis, who is more often than not a frequent collaborator of deadmau5. Their synergy in this particular partnership helped them create a digital interpretation of the world around deadmau5 which Joshua described as a “beautiful accident”. The Tracks HDs are capable of handling the full range of dynamics and powerful bass of deadmau5 music, while offering a fun, energetic visual design in the process.

It will also come with v10 Sound Engines to deliver deeper bass, higher clarity and crisp vocals. Apart from that, it will be accompanied by the virtually indestructible FlexTech headband. Those who are interested can pick this puppy up for $149.99 a pop.

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IT Rush Says: August 15, 2012 at 6:10 am

Cool, love the design and of course the features..

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