Hangover Heaven, Las Vegas – For When you Feel Like Hell


Sure, we’ve all been there. Maybe its the weekend, you get together with some friends, and “just one more”, turns into one too many, and after a night of trying to sleep with one foot on the floor to stop the darn bed from spinning, you wake up with the worst skull splitting headache, with little sweaters on your teeth and an overall tired-to-the-bone, sick all over feeling that just won’t let you enjoy any part of the day to come, no matter how much fun you thought it was gonna be.

Well, if you’re in Las Vegas, theres hope. Quickly call Hangover Heaven and hop on the bus for some proprietary hangover help, developed by Doctor Jason Burke. The 45 foot bus is a rolling hangover clinic outfitted to serve 10 – 14 patients at one time in luxurious air conditioned comfort and can bring you back up to party speed in no time. Hangover Heaven will also visit you at your hotel room, or shuttle you to their freestanding clinic.

Hangover Heaven’s premier “Salvation” treatment consists of intravenous hydration, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications and also includes special vitamin therapies that promise to make you feel better pretty quickly in spite of the $149 dollar price tag. For a morning after that doesn’t involve too much damage the 99 dollar “Redemption” package might suffice, and simply involves some quick intravenous fluids to flush your system and get you back on track. Lastly, for a night out that renders you unable to even leave your bed the next day, the good doctor will visit your room and provide assistance to you and your closest friends, starting at around 400 dollars a pop.

So don’t let the night of your life ruin an entire day… just call Hangover Heaven. Unfortunately, the service is currently only available in Las Vegas, but I see the concept catching on in some of the worlds bigger cities, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and probably on college campuses everywhere.

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