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Its obvious that things are becoming more chaotic these days. People are working harder, sleeping less, and pushing themselves to the limit. Ask your average guy on the street if they feel stressed out, and the answer is almost always a resounding yes. Stress certainly takes its toll on a body, almost all studies confirm that continuous stress is simply not good for us, and for some people the damage is irreparable, we have to find a way to manage our minds where we really can handle it all.

Check out the HeartMath emWave2 Portable Training Device by using information collected via pulse sensors and translating that data into simple line graphs on your computer, the Portable Training Device can teach you the steps you need to relax, and put yourself in the proper state of mind, completely assisting you in achieving the right balance for improved communications, sleep, health, or generalized clarity.

The device itself works around the idea that you can mentally control your heart rate, and yes, it really can be done. For those of you familiar with the idea of biofeedback it seems to be based on a very similar concept, learning what relaxed actually is… and then learning how to be able to achieve that state consistently, and when you need to.

Learning to change your emotional reactions doesn’t seem like an easy task, but the emWave2 Portable training device may just give us the edge we all need. The emWave2 is sold in a portable version, desktop version or bundled with programs designed to enhance specific aspects or your life, like meditation and prayer or even stopping emotional eating. WIth prices starting around 229 bucks, the emWave2 Portable Training Device is available at amazon.com

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