Croon Audio debuts The Original sound system


I must say, Croon Audio, an innovator of the Bluetooth home speaker systems has just announced their very first first speaker, where it is aptly known as “The Original” sound system. Not too innovative at all when you think about it, but I guess sometimes something this simple will suffice. Croon Audio claims that The Original sound system boasts of an easy-to-use, one-touch pairing procedure, and it is also extremely easy to connect to Bluetooth devices in an easier manner than ever before. At the very same time, it also paves the way for unmatched wireless sound performance and design.

Through the merging of modern electronics with wood craftsmanship of the highest degree, this particularly compact speaker that measures 10.5”x 8” x 3.5” will be able to forge a seamless balance between contemporary and traditional styles, and this alone will amp up the volume of both style and music sans the clutter of wires. The speaker’s housing is made out of 8mm MDF (Medium-Density fiberboard), where it was specially made out of manufactured wood. This would ensure that VLD (Very Low Distortion) technology will come into play, especially when you listen to music at a high volume.

The Original’s speaker will also come with a couple of 2.5” forward facing Full Range Drivers, where they have been matched to an acoustic amplifier so that 15 watts per channel as well as a clear sounding Class D amp. Thanks to strategically placed isolation cones in a tripod pattern that are located at the bottom corners of the sound system, it will reduce the vibration frequencies while delivering the most stable supporting structure, never mind the kind of surface on which it rests upon.

The Original is capable of reproducing music sans wires from virtually any device that has Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to the 3.5mm connection, turning this into a premium external speaker system for the iPad, Kindle, a notebook, and an electric guitar amongst others. To make sure that The Original complements the company’s sleek, button-less design, users will be able to control the speaker’s functionality thanks to their connected touch screen device.

The Original speaker will feature a stereo Hi-Fi amplifier with integrated Stereo Bluetooth Receiver, and will come in Original Black, White on White, Agent Grey and Lady in Red colors. Depending on your color options, pricing begins from $199.99 and goes all the way to $234.99.

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