Retro Computer Mouse and Mousepad Set


Take a look at the number of computer mice in the market – they are practically dime a dozen out there, and boy do they come in ever more ergonomic shapes and sizes. Here is something that will help you recall those fond memories of yore when you first started off in the world of computers, and having more than 256 colors on your monitor was considered to be a luxury item that you cannot afford. Enter the $17.99 Retro Computer Mouse and Mousepad Set – it is the perfect gift for those old school computer users.

This particular mouse and mousepad combo is definitely a blast from the past, where it is specially styled to look like an exact replica of your classic 1980’s desktop mouse. The mouse will feature a standard three button mouse, but thankfully, the manufacturer has decided to throw in a wheel for scrolling capability, otherwise I am quite sure it would not sell at all without that particular feature. Another piece of good news for you – the Retro Mouse does not require you to open the underside and clean all those lint from its rollers, since this is an optical mouse complete with a USB interface which will play nice with both Mac and Windows platforms.

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