8-Bit Tablet Sleeve


Tablets are dime a dozen, but if you were to take the most popular tablet at this point in time into consideration, then the Apple iPad would definitely win hands down. After all, there is no question as to the popularity of Cupertino’s new iPad, but how about turning back the clock and going retro with this particular tablet sleeve? We are talking about a polar opposite in terms of the “resolution”, as the $29.99 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve will definitely oppose all the visuals that the new iPad’s Retina Display stands for.

What is more important, however, is not what and how it looks from the outside, but rather, for the 8-Bit Tablet Sleeve to do its job by protecting your high tech iPad using its low tech look. It boasts of fake leather on the outside, while it remains extremely soft on the inside so that your iPad’s display and back will not end up with unwanted scratches at all. While it was built specially for the iPad, you know that the law of physics dictate that it can also be used to house and protect tablets of smaller sizes, yes, even those of the Android-powered strain.

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