Ancestry by DNA – Finally Answers the Question, Where do I Come From?


Everyone has a unique family history, but some folks seem to know more about who and where they come from and others would like to know more, but there isn’t really anyone left to ask. I have found that even the people who have a firm grasp on their family story recognize that the story always ends somewhere, obviously well before the actual beginning. Where do we all really come from? Who were our ancestors? I only know about my great-great grandmother, who came before her? at least tell me where she came from…

Well, it probably won’t give you all the answers, but it’s an interesting start, check out Ancestry by DNA offering unique DNA tests that can answer some questions about your percentages of European, Indigenous American, Sub-Saharan African or East Asian ancestry. So if you’re wondering where your real roots lie, this may be the test for you… and you might be very surprised at what you find.

Also offered is Lineage DNA testing, this test will allow you to discover your direct ancestors geographic origins. You can trace maternal, paternal, or both lineages and learn about the migration routes your ancient family traveled, on their way to making history, and ultimately, making YOU.

The Ancestry kits are mailed to you directly and contain a DNA collection kit, a certificate that is suitable for framing, and a comprehensive guide explaining your results. The Lineage kits contain the collection kit and a full color lineage certificate listing your haplogroup (groups that share a common ancestor) along with a description booklet and the guide. Prices start at around 99 bucks. Check out for more information. At least now I understand why this nice Italian girl likes Chinese food so much… go figure.




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anthony parker Says: October 22, 2012 at 3:20 pm

I’m glad we had this test done but this is an outdated test and I believe there will be a point in the next few years where Ancestrybydna will have the plug pulled on it

Catherine Says: March 4, 2013 at 3:33 pm

I ordered the AncestryByDNA test and it returned results yesterday saying that my genetic heritage is 100% European. The issue that I take with this is that I know of a great grandfather who was Persian. The knowledge is family oral history, and looking at his photograph, one can SEE that he’s Persian. I am certain that there are no paternity/adoption issues.

When I questioned AncestryByDNA, I got back this “cut and paste” non-answer:

Also, barring adoption and paternity issues, your range bars and confidence intervals are also part of your answer. The values within these determined ranges represent other possible outcomes that are statistically significant but are less likely. Therefore, if your range bar on the bar graph includes values greater than zero, you should consider that possibility.

A complete waste of time, don’t bother with AncestryByDNA. There are more accurate tests available — I was tricked by their advertising. If I could get my money back, I would.

Anthony Says: March 4, 2013 at 7:47 pm

None of these tests (DNA Diagnostics Center’s Ancestrybydna 2.5, 23andme’s Ancestry Composition, Familytreedna’s Population Finder,’s Ancestrydna, National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 or even third party analysis like Dr. Doug Mcdonald or Gedmatch) are completely perfect.

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