Human Bowling Ball


Now, they say that we ought not to judge another person until we are in that person’s shoes, which is why there is just something about not caring too much about physical objects. After all, they do not have any kind of emotion and are not sentient, never mind that our phones and tablets do have their fair share of memory chips to store your favorite images and videos. Bowling lovers who love venting their frustrations on a bowling ball might want to see how it feels like when the tables have turned, thanks to the $4,500 Human Bowling Ball.

This inflatable bowling game will challenge players to assume the “roll” of the ball when it comes to knocking down a set of pins. Too bad adults are unable to participate in this game, as it is meant only for those aged between 5 and 12. The transparent PVC ball can be inflated to its full 7′ diameter by an adult not using lung power (thankfully), but with the included blower. All you need to do is run forward inside the ball in order to generate the necessary momentum required to knock over six 5′-tall foam pins.

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