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Yes, the modern day road warrior does not only carry his or her little black notebook and a pen of note, but will most probably have ditched all of those once luxuries for a smartphone, tablet device and perhaps a dedicated GPS navigation system. However, it can be rather troublesome trying to keep track of the numerous devices in your possession, as keeping them juiced up can be quite a challenge – especially the kind of mobile lifestyles that we all live out these days. Good thing power outlets are always nearby, but just in case you happen to be in a situation where there are not enough power outlets, this is where the Satechi Portable Energy Station comes in handy.

The Satechi Portable Energy Station is best described as a powerful 10,000 mAh battery pack which will come with a solitary 1 amp and a 2 amp USB port that should be enough to keep most of the smartphones or tablets fully juiced up. This translates to making sure a truly dead (but not buried) iPhone 4S can be “resurrected” up to 5 times. The convenience of having your own battery pack will is further augmented by the ease of carrying this around, especially when you consider an overall weight of just 5.93 ounces, measuring just 5.5” in length.

The Satechi Portable Energy Station will be able to deliver a quick and efficient charge, sporting a rechargeable lithium ion that makes sure users’ devices will be able to remain fully juiced all the time. Apart from that, extra features will comprise of a battery life indicator, coupled with an auto off feature which detects just when the connected device will be fully juiced up. Each purchase of the Portable Energy Station that will cost you $49.99, where it will be accompanied by a USB charging cord and half a dozen connectors that will play nice with majority of the smartphones and tablets out there. Any takers?

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