Remote Controlled Aerobatic Plane


How do you intend to spend your days in the summer ahead? Well, if you mentioned the word “indoors”, you might want to think twice. Why bother wasting your time in front of the TV when the perfect weather on the outside is well worth your time exploring – camping, swimming, trekking, and all of that outdoor stuff? Of course, others might prefer to settle for something more electronic – the $49.95 Remote Controlled Aerobatic Plane case in point.

This remote-controlled airplane is a device that even novice pilots will be able to handle without fumbling at the controls. After all, they are able to perform aerial loops and spins in a jiffy, thanks to the plane’s twin digital proportional-throttled engines and elevator which deliver differential-thrust turning. It can be controlled by a twin-stick, while its three-channel remote will enable pilots to gain exceptional command as they maneuver the aircraft through climbs, turns, and dives from a range of up to 500 feet away.

Since the plane is made from flexible EPP foam, it is lightweight and durable enough, capable of withstanding repeated rough landings on its built-in wheels. The internal battery is good enough for three-minute flights from a 30-minute charge, while the remote control needs half a dozen AA batteries to work.

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