Razer Artemis is one concept controller that we would like to see realized


For those of you who played Mechwarrior on the PC all those years ago, you would definitely know that a standard keyboard and mouse combination does not give the same kind of “feeling” as that of a joystick – and the more buttons your joystick has, the better to map all those keys to. I remember the days when the 486DX2-66 was no longer the king of the hill, and it proved to be rather sluggish in running Mechwarrior, while the newly released Pentium processor proved to be a smash hit (although those who were more budget minded could settle for the 486DX4-100) as there were hardly any dropped frames.

Well, fast forward to today, and the modern gaming machines are all pretty adept at handling the different games, but with anticipation running high for the next installation of the popular Mechwarrior franchise, known as MechWarrior Online, it makes perfect sense to have a gaming peripheral that is at least equal to the task – and the Razer Artemis concept controller could just fit the bill nicely.

Specially crafted to give gamers a competitive edge, it might just assist you in stomping and destroying everything in your path on your way to victory, taking no prisoners in the dog-eat-dog BattleTech universe. This BattleMech inspired Razer Artemis concept controller will clearly place you into the cockpits of your favorite Mech, helping you remain fully immersed in the game and focused on the dangers of the battlefield. You will get fully-programmable, fine-tuned controls, where the ergonomically adjustable Razer Artemis concept controller is said to makes piloting a Mech far more efficient and lethal in combat.

Robert “RazerGuy” Krakoff, President of Razer USA, said, “The original MechWarrior PC game franchise was a formative milestone for my gaming growing up. When it was announced that a new MechWarrior Online was in the works, Razer was more than excited for the opportunity to collaborate with Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing. We’re going to bring our own take to a concept controller that will pave the way for a new generation of robot destruction.”

No idea on whether this conceptual controller is going to be released to the masses, but I sure as heck hope that it will happen – soon.

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