The Power Pot – Thermoelectric Power… and Soup!


Last year we had a hurricane and a blizzard that knocked out our power for over a week each time. Every day, there were folks actually fighting over outlets to charge their phones and computers at the library, the firehouse and the towns only open diner. It’s a testament to just how dependent we have become. Personally, I never want to go through that again..

Check out the PowerPot, a portable electric generator that doubles as a cooking pot. Okay, unlikely as it seems, the PowerPot actually transforms the heat you make from cooking your favorite chicken noodle soup into electricity, using a technology called thermoelectric power generation.

The Power Pot X can be used inside or outside and it works with any fuel source, it is a typical kitchen-style pot, with integrated thermoelectric technology that makes it a 10W generator.  This particular sized PowerPot gives users enough electricity to power several handheld devices at a time, or a larger device, such as a tablet. (or anything else that can be charged via USB) The PowerPot X holds 2 quarts of liquid, and is sized for a small family. This model works well on a gas range, and will provide charging power and lighting at home during a power outage.

At present, the company offers the smaller camp size PowerPot V for 149 bucks and will soon make available the PowerPot X, (which produce 5 and 10 watts of usable electricity respectively) and they are developing a higher power model, called the PowerPot XV, with a power output of up to 15 watts.

Please visit the website at to get yourself one, or to learn more about their awesome get a pot, give a pot program, where discounted pricing allows you to get a pot into the hands of a person in a developing country. Very cool… all that, and soup too.


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