Aqua Force Blaster might give you the upper hand


So you are about to get involved in a water balloon fight, and you are quite sure that your opponent is not going to play clean, hiding a Super Soaker behind the bushes to turn the tables on you right before you are about to deal the coup de grace. With the £14.99 Aqua Force Blaster, there is at least a chance of fighting back on even ground, where the Aqua Force Blaster is capable of launching bombs across the length of, well, five bottlenose dolphins. It is ready to fire right out of the box, where it sports a rather hefty ‘pull-and-release’ action which will let you let loose long-range liquid missiles of up to 50 feet.

Apart from that, each purchase also comes with a vinyl target which allows you to zero in your Aqua Force Blaster, allowing you to be quite the sharpshooter before summer kicks off. Be the envy of your kids’ friends with this puppy as you fire away as though you have got a built-in laser targeting system.

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