Sphero – more fun than Angry Birds?


Have you got enough of flinging a flock of angry birds from their perch to pop some green pigs that seem to have eaten something nasty, hence turning into such a shade? Well, I guess for those who feel that they are sick and tired of such casual games on their iOS or Android powered smartphones can always give the Sphero a go. We first took a gander at the Sphero a couple of years ago, and here we are with the real deal that is ready for purchase – the £99.99 Sphero has been touted to be one of the most keenly anticipated UK releases for this year, debuting at CES last year to rave reviews.

This might seem like a normal ball at first glance, lacking any buttons or interactivity of any kind, but the moment you shake it (and infuse it with kinetic energy), it will start to glow. Place it on the ground and start a free app on your smartphone, where the Sphero will then adhere to your commands sent via the smartphone. Basically, you now have a remote controlled ball robot. Use this to play a game where you try to evade a ball-mad dog or cat, it will definitely be far more fun than Angry Birds.

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