Griffin Technology announces the Crayola Case Creator


When it comes to creativity, it would be best not to stifle your little one as he or she picks up a crayon and start doodling all over the paper (although the more adventurous ones would think that everything that the crayon can stick onto would be fair game!). After all, you can never quite tell just when your progeny is going to end up as the next Van Gogh (sans the mental issues, of course), or Michaelangelo, even. Griffin Technology’s recent announcement of the Crayola Case Creator is one peripheral that you might be interested to look into – after all, when you can come up with your very own case designs, it is definitely worth exploring, no?

We all want to be our own individual these days, and to move along with the herd is something that many people shun, especially those in the creative field who have their very own “signature” on their creations. Crayola, a company who has churned out products that have inspired creative expression in children for over a century, have just announced the availability of the Crayola Case Creator. The Crayola Case Creator is a protective case and app combo which will basically enable users to come up with their one-of-a-kind case for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Crayola Case Creator will come with a clear protective hard shell case which will protect users’ iOS devices without sacrificing on the show-off side – where their artwork can be paraded for the masses to admire (or cringe, depending on just how one interprets your artwork). You can also shoot a photo or grab one from your photo album, transforming it into a customized case as and when you like. The free Case Creator app will provide the keys to let your imagination fly, where even kids are savvy enough to use the app by adding, resizing and manipulating digital stickers to photos, or perhaps even draw in Doodle mode.

The range of artwork that are churned out from the Crayola Case Creator app can be printed on included perforated inserts, ensuring that they remain sized and shaped to fit the clear case. Each creation is also unique enough to deserve a place in your pantheon of artwork, where you can add it to a gallery, e-mail it or share it on Facebook.
Expect to fork out $29.99 for the Crayola Case Creator.

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