Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Micro USB Drive and Micro USB Drive Plus are now available


When it comes to storage devices, you will not go wrong with the name Verbatim. After all, they have been around for the longest time already, making sure that whatever your needs are, be it 5.25″ floppy disks (double sided or single sided?) to 3.5″ floppies that have a far more rigid chassis, not to mention newer portable hard drives and USB flash drives, Verbatim has got it down pat. I still remember how Verbatim floppies held a premium over regular floppies, as they had this Teflon coating which was said to be more resistant to scratches and fungal growth. Fat lot of good it did to my Prince of Persia disks though.

Today, we will look at the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Micro USB Drive and Micro USB Drive Plus, which have just been announced to deliver rugged portable solutions that boast a modern design which will help you keep up with the times, delivering go anywhere storage which ought to be steady and tough enough to be able to withstand rough handling.

According to Mark Rogers, Verbatim Product Manager, Flash Memory Products “The compact, ultra durable Micro USB Drive and Micro USB Drive Plus are the ideal USB flash drives for people on-the-go. They are meant to be clipped anywhere for always-ready flash storage, but can be easily removed to share videos, school projects, photos or more. They are also available in multiple color options allowing for easy organization and identification.”

Both devices will play nice with the Mac and PC platform, and you will have a selection of several storage capacities to choose from, starting from the humble 4GB and going all the way to the massive 32GB, although I would have liked to see a 64GB version in the pipeline as well. The choice of colors are also aplenty, where you can choose from 7 trendy colors such as Black, Sunkissed Yellow, Hot Pink, Eucalyptus Green, Caribbean Blue, Violet and Volcanic Orange.

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