Optrix Extreme Sports Case


If you love getting an adrenaline rush simply because your life at the office is very boring, then you might want to live it up a little whenever you have ditched the tie and suit. Enter the £69.99 Optrix Extreme Sports Case, which is a device that can be mounted on helmets in a jiffy. Not only that, it is full well capable of being riveted on to handlebars, boards and perhaps even car bonnets if you are up to it. Just like how you need some safety gear for your precious iPhone, just like how you pad yourself up with knee pads and a mouth-guard whenever you get involved in a rough sport or potentially risky activity.

The Optrix Extreme Sports Case will feature special anti-vibration sleds that ensure the video recordings remain nice and smooth. Not only that, the addition of the transparent touchscreen membrane would mean that you are free to review all of the recorded action live, with the option of saving it up for editing later on one of the compatible video Apps. Constructed using military-grade materials and using ‘ultrasonic welding’ techniques and silicon gaskets, the Optrix Extreme Sports Case is water-resistant to boot, so what are you waiting for?

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