AOC 22″ USB powered display is now available


Take a break from your work and check out just what your monitor holds behind. Apart from the standard cable that plugs into your computer’s chassis, there is also a power cable, right? Not so with AOC’s most recent 22″ USB powered display. As you can tell by the name itself, this new monitor, also going by the moniker e2251Fwu if you are into model numbers and all, is an extremely slim and attractive looking LED monitor which will send/receive power as well as signal through a USB connection, delivering simple plug-and-play connectivity while introducing the added productivity benefits of dual- and multi-monitor computing.

Have you tried working with more than one monitor? It definitely ups the productivity ante, I can tell you that for sure. No, it is not about having more viewing real estate so that you can have a movie playing in the background, but rather, for you to play around with more visual information, which works great when you need to open additional windows, and do not have any more space on the current monitor.

The AOC e2251Fwu is said to be equally suitable for business, gaming and entertainment use, thanks to its large high definition screen and excellent image quality. Using DisplayLink’s USB 2.0 graphics and connectivity technology within, the AOC e2251Fwu is capable of delivering real-time video compression/decompression, and despite that, it measures a mere 10.6mm in terms of thickness, and is also considered as an energy saving “green” monitor which runs solely off power that is delivered over a USB 2.0 cable.

You will be able to enjoy a resolution count of 1,920 x 1,080 in addition to a 5ms response time, and we are glad to say that the AOC e2251Fwu is supported on all leading operating systems. Not only that, this monitor will also be equipped with a convenient detachable stand so that it can be used with or without the base, where the latter would make it function pretty much in form like that of a picture frame.

If you are interested in picking up the AOC e2251Fwu, then it will retail for a highly affordable $149. Any takers?

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Kaya Ismail Says: May 6, 2012 at 5:45 am

Haha, amazing!

USB Powered peripherals are great. Hopefully one day USB’s will be all we need. Far more convinient.

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