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When it comes to games, gamers certainly know what they want in their own hardware configuration. Most of the time, what they have is not able to satisfy them, as they are always on the lookout for something better and more powerful. While we do know that notebooks are not exactly the most ideal platform for one to play the latest and greatest games, it is still better compared to the relatively simpler titles that appear on your iPhone, Android device, iPad or Nintendo 3DS. Enter the gaming notebook genre, and Samsung decides to try their luck in this segment with the Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook.

Just what kind of hardware specifications do you think the Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook will be able to deliver? For starters, the Series 7 Gamer will come with a 17.3-inch full HD LCD display that ought to offer more than adequate viewing real estate for your eyes to enjoy each and every polygon that appears, apart from high quality Dolby Home Theater surround sound that ought to keep your ears more than happy during your gaming sessions. Graphically speaking, fret not as there is the rich NVIDIA Geforce graphics that delivers the goods, while a 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processor alongside a unique dial that allows users to easily transition between four modes for maximum performance at all times rounds off the list of interesting features.

Granted, I am quite sure that those who purchase the Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook would rarely venture into the other three modes that are the General Mode, Quiet Mode and Power Saver Mode. After all, it defeats the purpose, unless of course, you want to purchase an overkill of a working machine that has the option for you to enjoy the latest games on it as well.

We will take a closer look at the Gaming Mode – when selected, there will be a distinctive graphic that appears on the screen to let you know that the Gaming Mode is active. Following that, the main gaming keys will then be highlighted on the keyboard in red, while a light is turned on around the speakers which will pulsate to match the game’s sounds. To make sure that your gaming action is uninterrupted, the Windows key and touchpad will be disabled the moment a game is inserted.

Not only that, the keyboard will also feature ergonomic u-shaped key caps, a 2.7mm keystroke and separated arrow keys, letting you enjoy rapid play with minimal errors. Anyone interested in giving the Samsung Series 7 Gamer notebook a go?

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GamingMiceGuru Says: May 3, 2012 at 7:37 pm

I’am skeptical on this. What is the actual graphics chipset being used? I am still interested in getting the origin oen11-s, but if these specs match up for a lower price point then I am in 🙂

lekko Says: May 11, 2012 at 10:56 am

Gaming laptops such as the Samsung Series 7 Gamer can be a funny old breed. The idea of a portable PC powerful enough to play the latest games certainly appeals. But the reality is often a system that, due to its high-powered components, is bulky, heavy and has an incredibly short battery life.

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